Ongoing Outreach, Education & Collaboration

In addition to our collaboration with select members of industry who seek to advance and refine technologies related to endometriosis care and treatment, the CEC is always pleased to support a number of carefully chosen educational, non-profit and charitable endeavors, in keeping with the scope of our vision to improve the lives of all those affected by this disease.  If your organization would like the Center for Endometriosis to give educational lectures at or otherwise participate in/support your event(s), please contact us to discuss further. We regret we cannot offer monetary support, but are always happy to review ways in which we can collaborate.

Of foremost importance to us, always, is the dedicated care of our patients, who afford us the most incredible trust, privilege and honor to have a hand in their endometriosis treatment. We celebrate your incredible resilience, strength and inspiration year ’round – not just during March Awareness Month.

Recent news:

CEC was pleased to present at EFA’s annual MedSurg Conference and serve in Co-Chair capacity for the foundation’s corresponding Information Day. Dr. Sinervo was a keynote speaker on the topic of bowel endometriosis. We were also pleased to grab our passports and visit our friends in Ireland to serve as a keynote among other esteemed faculty at the annual EAI Symposium! We also traveled to Philly to serve as speakers on panel at the annual industry event of the year regarding patient compliance. We’re very excited about our upcoming events, so stay tuned!

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Recent past events:

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March 1 / Juneau Biosciences features: Putting an End to Endo

March 4 / TopDoctor Radio (podcast now available)

March 9 / The Gyno Show Radio (live, will be podcast thereafter) / 8pm EST (podcast now available)
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March 15 / “Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys” / 11am EST
Podcast available

March 15 / Bourbon, Bowties & Pearls: a Fundraising & Awareness Event for Endometriosis, Louisville, KY

March 22 / Endometriosis Network Canada Presents: 2nd Biennial Endometriosis Symposium
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March 31 / University of Houston / Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion
UPDATE: This event was postponed. However, we were delighted to hold a series of private meetings at the University with many of the globe’s leading researchers, including world-renowned scientist Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Director of the Center for Nuclear Receptors & Cell Signaling, in order to promote and discuss collaborative efforts in endometriosis.

…and don’t miss our favorite awareness reads of the moment:

“…I did well and even thrived – if you don’t count the fact that most days I wanted to crawl under my desk from pain and lay on my office floor sobbing, all the while still smiling on the outside.”

“Time to End the Silence”


CEC Continues to Bring Nursing & Professional Education to the Forefront (click for more)

CEC Celebrates Endometriosis Awareness Month (2013)
Each year, the CEC joins the global community in recognizing and honoring “March is Endometriosis Awareness Month” through various outreach and community activities.  In early 2013, we learned that some libraries across the U.S. did not have any endometriosis books in-house (e.g., Houston Metro); as a result, in March, the CEC donated nearly 30 books to libraries across the country.  Multiple public branches from Wisconsin to New York to Texas to Missouri received our donations of books by authors David Redwine, MD; Dian Shepperson Mills, MA & Michael Vernon, PhD, HCLD; Susan Evans, MD; and Kerry Ann Morris.  We are very pleased to have helped endometriosis shareholders in those local communities through our humble donations.

The CEC was also honored to take part in the Endometriosis Foundation’s annual Medical & Scientific Symposium on the disease, held each year in NYC.  Dr. Sinervo presented one of the best-received lectures on endometriosis and the bowel in a session chaired by the CEC’s Heather Guidone and renowned specialist, CY Liu, MD.  CEC staff also took part in various other activities throughout the month ranging from “special guest” appearances in chats, webinars and teleconferences on the disease to collaborating with colleagues across the country to ensure women and girls have the education they need to make empowered choices about the disease and its treatments. Most exciting, perhaps, is the CEC’s appearance alongside fertility specialists on Lifetime TV segment on endometriosis, which aired in spring 2013.

We are always delighted to contribute to education and efforts across the country, so please let us know how we can help you.

MIGS Partnerships & Industry Outreach

The Center for Endometriosis Care is the premiere center for excellence specializing in laparoscopic excision of disease utilizing the C02 laser.  In addition to our primary mission of improving lives of women and girls affected by endometriosis, the CEC has also served as a pioneering educator and industry leader for more than two decades, guiding the role of emerging technologies in the global MIGS (minimally invasive gynecologic surgery) community.  We are very pleased to engage in ongoing efforts with various medical and professional partners in an effort to advance and improve Laparoscopic technologies.

Current and past collaborative efforts include surgical fellowships, peer to peer lectures across the United States, Asia, Europe and Canada, ‘chalk talks’ for local organizations, Grand Rounds, sessions at such prestigious annual congresses as AAGL, the World Symposium on Endometriosis, and countless others.  We are also delighted to serve as the annual southeastern host of Surgical Film Fest.  Most recently, Robert B. Albee, Jr., MD and RN First Assist, Wendy Winer, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA took part in a multi-city training endeavor by exclusive invitation this past spring across several locations in China.  Always grateful for the opportunity to share the CEC’s legacy of surgical training to benefit women with endometriosis around the world, we look forward to returning to Asia this Autumn.

As minimally invasive surgery continues to evolve, the CEC staff continues to serve our partners in the community as dedicated teachers and promoters of best practice and maximum outcome.  From superb care and treatment of women to MIGS fellowships to select industry collaborations, we maintain our unflinching commitment to the clinical service and scholarship of all those involved in the endometriosis community, bridging the gap between constituency and practice.

If you represent a member of industry and would like to observe in our operating room, learn more about collaborating with the CEC team, or have any questions whatsoever, please provide the following information or call 866.733.5540 to discuss further:

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