Help Distribute Some Dignity

Image capture (c) Distributing Dignity, Inc.

Recently, we were chatting with one of our patients about ‘what to do’ with her inventory of unopened pads and tampons she’d be ‘stuck with’ following definitive treatment for Adenomyosis. It was really important to her that the products went to an underserved population that could benefit the most…and the answer came just days later, quite unexpectedly, via an article in the Huffington Post, which outlined the plight of homeless women who revealed one of the most difficult challenges you might not have considered: getting their period.

Distributing Dignity is helping to change that. A foundation whose enduring mission is to enhance the ‘Dignity of Women in Need,‘ the organization is working hard to provide critical assistance for a need many would otherwise never even realize existed. Often overlooked and under-donated, feminine hygiene products and bras are quite difficult to come by in the most vulnerable of populations: women in and aging out of foster care, those seeking refuge from domestic violence and abuse, our homeless population which includes our Veterans, teens and others, those struggling with life-altering illness, women displaced by disaster, and so many others. What began as homeless outreach in 2009 has become a widespread mission of charitable generosity committed to lifting up women in need.

We can’t think of a better place to donate your post-hysterectomy feminine product inventory and support a most deserving population of fellow women and girls at the same time. Donations are of course also accepted anytime from anyone who wishes to support this incredibly worthy cause.

Please consider joining Distributing Dignity’s efforts by visiting to learn more.

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