CEC Continues to Bring Nursing Education to the Forefront


The CEC is very pleased to maintain a robust, ongoing professional education program, including our nursing and allied health efforts.  Most recently , we were extremely pleased to expand our Nursing Education Lecture Series to the New York State Board of Cooperative Education’s Nursing Classes.

Endometriosis Diagnosis & Management: Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of Your Patients” is designed for community, school and clinic nursing professionals, who are on the ‘front lines’ – and as such, are often the first to detect symptoms in the girls and women they treat.  Subsequently, in an effort to assist healthcare students and tomorrow’s professionals to provide optimal care for women and girls with endometriosis, our presentation series reviews timely disease recognition and impact, identifies research priorities, evaluates modern concepts and emphasizes appropriate strategies to optimize patient outcome.

We are very thankful to the schools, administrators and educators who continuously work with us to bring timely disease education to their communities, so that the next generation of professionals will be able to facilitate quality of care and manage treatments effectively to improve quality of life, reduce pain, and prevent further progression of disease in their own critical community-based work.

If you would like the CEC to present to students or professionals in your area, please contact us.

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