About the Center for Endometriosis Care

The Center for Endometriosis Care (CEC) was founded over two decades ago by renowned excision surgeon Robert B. Albee, Jr., MD, FACOG, ACGE with the vision of offering surgical expertise through compassionate care for individuals affected by the disease.  The CEC is run under the caring leadership of Medical Director Ken R. Sinervo, MD, FRCSC, ACGE along with a dedicated, compassionate staff.  We continue our efforts as architects of the legacy in gold standard endometriosis care and maintain the focus on helping all those struggling with endometriosis to find the road to recovery.

The CEC is proud to be a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and a Center of Expertise in Endometriosis.

One of the foremost Centers of Excellence in the United States for the surgical treatment of the disease, CEC was formed around four core principles that we adhere to, in order to help those who have – or think they may have – endometriosis:

  • Recognizing subtle disease in all its manifestations;
  • Removing all endometriosis while preserving a woman or girl’s organs;
  • Performing pathological examination on all excised tissue; and
  • Treating our patients with the utmost respect as true partners in their care.

The CEC maintains that advanced Laparoscopic Excision (LAPEX) of endometriosis should be the standard for definitive treatment of the disease.  LAPEX requires advanced surgical expertise, which commands intense training and a thorough, authoritative understanding of disease etiology and its far-reaching consequences – as well as a genuine compassion for those who suffer.  At the CEC, our surgeons utilize only the most minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS) approach to meticulously remove all disease, from all areas.  Through surgical excision, true disease recurrence is actually quite low.

In our Center’s population, women and girls of all ages – in all stages of disease – have an excellent chance of being pain-free long-term, with minimal chance of persistent symptoms. To that end, we have treated nearly 5,000 patients at our Center from every every walk of life exclusively through excision. Better than 85% of our patients enjoy significant improvement in their quality of life as compared to their pre-surgery status with us. The chance of disease recurrence following excision of endometriosis in our hands is in the range of 7%-8%, based on our monitoring data. The overall likelihood of one of these patients requiring another surgery is typically less than 12%, which includes surgeries for unrelated factors such as hysterectomy for unrelated gynepathology i.e. fibroids, adenomyosis or adhesions.  In stark contrast, the literature reflects a 44-60% recurrence rate *within the very first year* in patients who have undergone superficial laser vaporization and other incomplete removal.

The CEC team are world leaders in the treatment of the disease and among only a handful of surgeons who have perfected the excision technique. The CEC surgical staff utilizes the C02 laser to carefully dissect endometriosis – significantly different from laser vaporization and electrocautery (sometimes referred to as fulguration, coagulation or ablation).  Such superficial methods destroy tissue, making microscopic evaluation impossible and do not remove all disease.  We use the laser as a precision cutting tool, not as a means of tissue destruction. Endometriosis of the bowel, bladder and other regions can also be safely and completely removed, as can dense adhesions and deep, infiltrating peritoneal disease. All removed tissue is sent to pathology for examination – you will have the security of knowing exactly what was found.  We maintain an unflinching commitment to our patients to provide the best possible outcome with maximum results.

We have treated thousands of women and girls with the disease, spanning more than two decades.  We know that too often, women and girls with endometriosis are dismissed and disbelieved.  Their questions go ignored and their challenges unanswered. Here at the Center for Endometriosis Care, our goal is to treat our patients and their supporters with respect and compassion while conferring gold standard treatment to restore quality of life.  You can read more about endometriosis here.

If you’d like to become a patient, please start the process here.  We’re honored and privileged to help any way we can.

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