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The CEC is an internationally recognized leader in endometriosis treatment. This site is intended to serve as a community portal designed to elevate disease education and awareness among patients, professionals, media and the public.

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Thank you for visiting our site! Please be sure to check out all of our articles, and let us know what else you’d like to see.  This site is intended to serve as an aid to the public, including patients, professionals, media, researchers, advocates, legislators/policymakers, students, payers and industry, lay visitors and anyone seeking authoritative endometriosis education and care, along with awareness endeavors, research details and community resources. By serving our collaborative mission, we believe together we CAN unlock the mysteries of this painful and confusing illness which affects so many individuals worldwide. Herein you will find ongoing information related to research, advocacy, our surgical Fellowships and training and so much more to benefit all those who treat, write about, study – and most importantly, live with endometriosis. Those seeking care at our Center should get started here with our Frequently Asked Questions and visit our main patient site at centerforendo.com.

aware15-300x98Endometriosis is a troubling, often debilitating illness affecting an estimated 176 million individuals globally (WERF). The disease is responsible for causing pain ranging from mild to crippling; loss of countless missed work and school hours; infertility/pregnancy loss; bowel and/or bladder pain; sexual pain/dysfunction and various other physical, emotional, financial and intangible consequences. Visit our comprehensive fact sheet on endometriosis here to learn more. Endometriosis does not have to be hopeless! At the CEC, Dr. Sinervo, Dr. Albee and Dr. Kongoasa believe quality excision surgery is the cornerstone of any effective management approach, and can offer long-term relief and restoration of fertility in many affected individuals.

To “excise” implies total dissection and removal – cutting out the entire lesion – not just the surface, as is often done in other methods like laser ablation. Excision differs fundamentally from less meticulous surgical techniques which destroy surface tissue only – making microscopic evaluation impossible, and which do not remove disease completely. Excision, on the other hand, has very low recurrence rates; data has shown historically that if truly removed, likelihood of disease ‘coming back’ is much lower. Excision also permits removal of all endometriosis while preserving organs and healthy tissue.  It is important to understand that excision is a method, not a tool – it can be performed by any surgical means during laparoscopy. “Cold” excision, laser excision, excision via da Vinci® or by any other means can all achieve the intended goal of removing all disease from all areas. What is not important is how – only that it is excised. If a surgeon cannot excise, however, they cannot excise using any tool.

Historically, excision has always been the gold standard of surgical treatment for this disease, but unfortunately is only practiced by a small number of global surgeons who have dedicated their life’s work to successful and advanced treatment of the disease. Surgical excision is the cornerstone of effective therapy for endometriosis; through quality surgery, disease truly can be removed and debulked – allowing the patient’s own lifestyle interventions (e.g. physical therapy, diet/nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, etc.) to be most effective and ensure maximum outcome.

Our COEMIG-designated Center of Excellence has been successfully helping thousands of patients of all ages, from every corner of the world, to regain their quality of life for nearly two and a half decades. Among the first in the country to offer individuals access to a dedicated excision center for the surgical treatment of endometriosis, the CEC believes in completely and meticulously removing all disease, from all areas. We believe in treating endometriosis – not removing organs – as our preferred approach, and have successfully helped more than 5,000 patients from nearly 50 countries to date through more than 8,000 total procedures. Individuals come to us from all walks of life and present with all stages of disease, ranging from mild to the most severe, complex and advanced forms of endometriosis. Our overall recurrence rates after excision in our patient follow-up data is less than 10%, with many patients more than 20 years out from their surgery.

Our surgeons are leading pioneers in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS) and have created a legacy in the gold standard care of endometriosis using Advanced Laparoscopic Laser Excision, or “LAPEX.” If you are interested in becoming a CEC patient, please click here.sinervocoemig

In the interim, please avail yourself of the information and updates we have provided herein. We want to help you live well – in spite of endometriosis – and we’re glad you’re here.